We’re here to support you through Covid-19

Our team is here for you

We are doing our best to support you during this challenging time. 

Visit this page to stay up-to-date with the services we can provide. This information will change as we progress through the different Alert Levels.

We’ve also included important guidelines that we ask you to follow if we’re visiting your home or business.

Alert Level 4: Essential services only

Updated 16 April 2020

At this time, New Zealand is at Alert Level 4 and East Coast Plumbing and Gas can only provide essential services to your home or business.

The government defines essential services as services that are immediately needed to maintain human health and safety at home or work.

Examples of these services include:

  • Repairing or replacing hot water cylinders or hot water heaters that have failed
  • Unblocking, repairing or replacing waste pipes where there is a threat to human health and/or safety
  • Repairing or replacing water pipes where damage risks impacting human health and/or safety
  • Repairing or replacing gas piping, fittings or appliances where not to do so would cause a risk to health and/or safety
  • Repairing heating sources where that heating is the main source of warmth for a home or business and its failure could impact health and/or safety.

If you require essential services

Our team is ready to take your call. When you get in touch, we’ll remind you of our safety requirements and make sure we understand as much as possible about the help that you need.

Preparing your property for our arrival

We’ve outlined these steps to protect you and our team.

Please follow the instructions below so we can keep everyone safe.

Before we arrive:

  1. Is anyone in your household or business sick or in quarantine? Let us know BEFORE we arrive at your property.
  2. Please make sure all household members/employees have left any area our team may need to enter. This includes access areas – such as driveways or pathways around the house – as well the location of the immediate problem
  3. All doors and gates between where we park our vehicle and the work area should be left open wherever possible to minimise our need to use door handles and gate latches.

When we arrive at your property:

  1. Please maintain social distancing from our team at all times. Once we have identified the problem we will ask you to move to a different area of your property while we complete the work required
  2. Please keep all household members/employees out of any area our team needs to access while we remain on the property.

Non-essential services

We are not taking bookings for non-essential services at this time. If you had an existing booking for a non-essential service, your booking has been postponed until further notice. We will contact you when our Alert Level changes and/or when we are able to arrange a new date for your job.