Proper household heating is essential to maintain comfort levels during the cold winter months, but did you know that recent research* has shown that proper insulation and heating can have a significantly positive effect on your health during the cold spells? For most of us we experience nothing more than the physical discomfort of feeling cold, but the risk of illness – and even death – to the elderly, infirm, or infants can significantly increase in an inadequately heated home. Flu, colds and respiratory conditions are also more common in damp, unheated homes.

East Coast Plumbing and Gas can design, specify and install hydronic and blown warm air central heating.

Are you interested in Central Heating?

Central Heating can be a smart option for heating both homes and businesses, giving you the ability to heat your whole building, efficiently, and to suit your needs.
If you’re building a new home, contact us today and we can help you to explore your options. There are a range of central heating solutions available and we can also help you to connect to wetback fires or solar energy sources for increased efficiency.

We can install central heating into existing homes so you can enjoy a warmer, dryer home during the winter months. Contact us today and we can help you find the best solution.

If you’re interested in heating a room or part of your home, we can also provide more information on and install: gas fires and heaters; biomass/pellet fires; heat transfer kits for wood fires; and electric towel warmers. Contact us today for more details.

If we don’t supply it you can be sure that we know someone who does – why not pick up the phone and get in contact even if you want to know about something that’s not on our list?